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Esneca business school opinions

…with a Residential period in Barcelona, is aimed at a growing group of profiles that are active and need a training adapted to their needs… Learn about: Commercial organization, Marketing and sales, Strategic marketing management…

…organizations need a project manager to manage projects in parallel. In this environment the figure of the Project Manager acquires… Learn about: Strategic management, Product management, Quality control…

…Commercial you will learn about: 1. Leading teams and projects, generating synergies between the marketing and sales functions. 2. Assume the responsibilities… Learn about: Leadership and management in the organization, Strategic marketing management, Commercial decisions…

…without detracting from the partial knowledge they may have acquired or will acquire in the future, it is necessary that all knowledge is identified… Learn about: Corporate culture, Digital communication, Challenges of the communication department….

Eae business school

I don’t want to be a nuisance, but there are some negative comments about EAE Business School on the Internet, some of them regarding the attention of the teachers and the syllabus. I want to do an MBA but not at any cost, I mean not at any price. I don’t know if we can agree or not, but my experience with the course I did is good and I am happy with the attention I received. Someone around here agrees with me, and those who have negative opinions should tell me why.

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I am happy to tell you because I was also a student at EAE and I do not think it is a bad business school at all, on the contrary, I do not know where the negative comments that you say come from. I guess it is a school where many people study and that always gives rise to more students to give their opinion but for me, as I said in another conversation here, my experience at EAE was good with the MBA. As we can see it is clear that it never rains to everyone’s liking.

So much for eae’s comments and opinions. I am happy with the graduate program I did at EAE Business School. It is not at all a bad school as far as the syllabus and attention is concerned.

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Before knowing what to study at this school, why do it or what possibilities it offers for financing studies, it is worth asking what is EAE. It is the business school of the Planeta publishing group, which currently manages or participates in the management of other institutions such as OBS Business School or the International University Center of Barcelona (UNIBA), developed by the University of Barcelona itself.

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The business school presents a catalog similar to others of its kind, with programs for profiles trained in the business world who aspire to become executives, or for those who are already executives but want to gain weight in the sector.

Throughout its history, EAE has trained more than 77,000 executives of more than 100 different nationalities, for which it has facilities in Madrid and Barcelona that total four buildings and more than 15,000 m².

It appears in some national and international rankings such as the “Best International Business School 2018” or the “QS Global MBA 2019”, which place the school among the 150 best in the world and the 50 best in Europe.

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Many of you may not know it but I have been studying the online master’s degree in Marketing and Sales Management at EAE Business School for almost six months, that’s why I wanted to write this post in which I will tell you my EAE opinions with the purpose of helping future students of this business school to get an idea of how it is and what it offers to its students.

I told him everything I had discovered thanks to the EAE Business School opinions and he told me that everything was just as they said: a practical approach, an effective methodology and a curriculum adapted to the needs of the labor market. He told me all about what he had learned in the master’s degree and the type of subjects there were, which made me excited and I decided to stop looking for EAE opinions and enroll in the master’s degree.

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Once I was admitted and enrolled, I started the online master and to tell you the truth it has been much better than I expected. Obviously, I am a marketing geek, those of you who know me already know that, but just with the approach they give to the contents they manage to make anyone feel interested in this field.