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Stretch mark cream

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks we have many specific anti-stretch mark products like the ones we have collected in this gallery. In addition, the best prevention strategy involves the use of these creams and oils and the massages with which they are applied.

The purpose of anti-stretch mark products is to keep the skin hydrated, elastic and well toned, but they are effective as long as they are used regularly, even before becoming pregnant and before the first stretch marks appear. They should be applied every day on those areas that are prone to stretch marks and intensify their use at the end of pregnancy, when the skin stretches at a faster rate.

Thanks to its ingredients it produces an increase in collagen synthesis, enhancing skin elasticity. In addition, it has an antioxidant action and improves dermal tissue. So this anti-stretch marks treatment keeps the skin in such a condition that it can resist the biochemical aggression and physical stretching that occurs during pregnancy or in other circumstances, to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.it is indicated for the prevention of stretch marks of pregnancy, adolescents, weight loss, athletes.

Golden radiance body oil review

Every woman’s body undergoes a series of physical changes during and after pregnancy that may be irreversible. However, it is possible to prevent some of them, for this, it is important to take measures and preventions as soon as possible and we tell you how.

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During pregnancy the skin tends to stretch up to ten times. This action can cause visible scars that will last on the skin. This occurs when the elastic fibers break and, consequently, stretch marks are generated.

Stretch marks are mainly caused by weight gain or loss, so it is possible for stretch marks to occur in several cases and not only in a pregnant woman. It is also due to increased estrogen production during puberty or pregnancy, as well as diseases that affect the production of collagen or simply by genetic inheritance that is reflected in the type of skin.

Diet, in addition to having an impact on weight, also influences the appearance of stretch marks. There are foods that help to prevent their appearance, such as dairy products, carrots and peaches, since they contain vitamin A. It is also advisable to eat vegetable oils, cereals and vegetables because they contain vitamin E, while citrus fruits, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes contain magnesium, which improves the production of collagen, so that the skin has greater resistance.

Trofolastin anti-stretch marks

I chose Freshly because they are totally safe for pregnant and pregnant women because all the components are of natural origin and they also have a team of experts who advise you and guide you in terms of doubts and needs.

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As for ingredients, as I said, it is totally natural and contains 12 vegetable oils including marula, chia, macadamia and rosehip, among others. In addition to preventing and repairing stretch marks, it is also a powerful anti-cellulite. So far it’s working like a charm. So, goals accomplished.

And to finish the day, at night I apply the Red Velvet Oil Serum, which deeply nourishes my skin and helps to continue fighting wrinkles, expression lines, marks and scars. It also calms redness and diminishes blemishes and I wake up with luminous and elastic skin. Another wonder that has fascinated me since I started using it.

And have you guys tried the Freshly products? I can’t wait to try the Blue Radiance which I’ve already seen must also be amazing… So when I finish the alarm state, I’ll include it in my next order. THOUSAND KISSES and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Anti-stretch mark cream pregnancy

Laura Escanes is living one of the happiest moments of her life. About to become a mother for the first time, with her husband Risto Mejide, the influencer continues to triumph on Instagram with her fashion and beauty tips.

It is the Golden Radiance Body Oil by Freshly Cosmetics. A 100% natural product that concentrates in its formulation 12 vegetable oils to nourish and moisturize your skin, reduce cellulite and improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

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Making it clear that it has become one of her basic body routine. “A shower and this body oil from Freshly Cosmetics, it’s the perfect combination! A must-have, I’ve been telling you for a long time, natural with vegetable oils and treats cellulite, stretch marks and scars. Ideal for a soft, luminous and super hydrated skin”, she confessed excitedly.

The social networks have spoken, don’t wait any longer and let yourself be seduced by this proposal. Be constant, apply it while you give yourself a gentle massage and enjoy its hydration and scent. We believe you will not regret it; at least we, like Paula and Laura, have not.